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HCG 60 Day Program (Most Popular)


HC6 Brand Drops are today’s scientific answer to yesterday’s diet drops. But what exactly does that mean?You may be familiar with Dr. Simeons’ book “Pounds and Inches” in which he revealed a groundbreaking method to lose weight. He utilized this method for years to help people lose anywhere from 1-3 lbs per day. But here’s the catch, he did it using a hormone. Not just any hormone, a hormone that was either extracted from the urine of pregnant women, or engineered in a chemical laboratory.Do you really need to be putting that in your body?Furthermore, there was never any scientific evidence that the hormone did what Dr. Simeons claimed it was doing.Welcome to the 21st Century and HC6 Drops!HC6 Brand Diet Drops were created with a specific vision in mind. This vision is to help people achieve the miracle results of Dr. Simeons diet, without the dangerous hormones. HC6 Drops contain ingredients that have been clinically proven to metabolize fats and proteins, thus helping you lose the weight.But what about the low calorie diet restrictions? This is a great question. Dr. Simeons diet protocol required dieters to consume only 500 calories per day. HC6 Brand Diet Drops are 400x stronger than any other product on the market. This means that you can consume a higher calorie diet (800-1200 calories/day) and still achieve the same results.Your 60 Day HC6 Brand Diet Drops program includes:4 oz of HC6 Brand Diet Drops (a 60 day supply)Diet Protocol*Dr. Simeons’ “Pounds and Inches” (Revised)*Recipes for during and after the diet*Weight trackers*Exercise planners**These items are made available to you in electronic format after your purchase.

About HCG Drops Direct
"HCG Drops Direct is one of the leading sellers of HCG related products. What sets us apart? Our HCG diet formula is federally approved." --- HCG Drops Direct; More Details

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