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Shapeshifters World Fushion Music CD


Rooted in the ancient and sacred tradition of trance dancing, these neo-shamanic drumbeats, sensuous vibrations of sitar and wailing woodwinds ignite a spirit of passion, joy and freedom. Celtic, Eastern, African, European and American motifs intertwine effortlessly into an original expression of global fusion and harmony. Shapeshifters creators are a world fusion dance ensemble that transcends cultural boundaries with a fascinating sound intended to bring healing, ecstatic trance music to the world. The group features Alain Eskinasi, who has been a member of Brainscapes with Professor Trance, Third Force and Soto Koto, one of the first Afro-fusion groups. He plays many instruments and is a top world fusion master known for his dance grooves Aziz Paige who plays guitar and sitar on Shapeshifters and Khabira Paige on tamboura were two of the early contributors to Soundings of the Planet and have been longtime friends. Richard Hardy plays wind instruments and has also contributed to other Soundings’ recordings. He is an in-demand studio musician for top acts in Los Angeles. He formerly played in Carole King’s band. Shapeshifting is the art of transformation and is rooted in the shamanic traditions of every culture on earth. This practice of transformation (trance formation) uses elemental music to move the listener to a state of blissful ecstasy through unrestricted movement. Trance dancing is a natural spiritual journey that suspends the mind and moves one from thinking to being. The deeper we connect with the rhythm of the dance, the deeper we breathe. TRACKS: 1. Breath Music Dance 5:35 2. Moon and Star 4:41 3. Pipers of Beltane 6:33 4. Lakshmi 6:14 5. Voice of Rhythm 4:43 6. Stop the War 4:48 7. Shapeshifting 0:34 8. Trance Organic 6:14 9. Manju 5:49 10. Equinox 4:28 11. Lotus 5:17 TOTAL TIME: 55 minutes

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